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Obaship stool: Group raises alarm over plot to cause crisis in Ode-Erinje

by Roving

A group known as Concerned Indigenous Members of Ode-Erinje land in Okitipupa Local Government Area of Ondo State has called on the state government not to allow some group of individuals in the community to truncate the ongoing smooth process of selecting the new Orungberuwa of Ode- Erinje.

According to the group, there are plans by some people to cause crisis in the community over the selection of a new monarch in the community.

A statement made available to Roving Reporters Online on Tuesday, and signed by Prince Olaniyan Akinnawonu, on behalf of the group said, “Our attention has been drawn to a publication in one of the online news tabloids addressed to the Ondo State Acting Governor, His Excellency, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, the Attorney General and the State Commissioner of Police accusing the Okitipupa Local Government Chairman, Hon. Igbekele Akinrinwa of alleged complicity in the quest by the community to enthrone the next Orungberuwa of Ode-Erinje, the throne which has been vacant since the demise of Oba S. O Akinlalu, the 10th Orungberuwa of Ode-Erinje in year 2016.

“Though we are aware that the writer of this mischievous letter to the Acting Governor does not deserve any response which may be seen as dignifying their rantings and lamentations on the Ode-Erinje Chieftaincy throne of which they have no recognized stake and status, we however deem it imperative to let the authorities and the public know the evil intentions of these malicious busybodies and meddlesome interlopers who will stop at nothing but attempts to forment trouble in our peaceful community.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the struggle for the Orungberuwa of Ode-Erinje throne had been subjected to different litigations by these anti-people with the sole intention of disrupting the process of the selection of the new Orungberuwa knowing fully well that they have no iota of right to ascend the Orungberuwa throne. Their motive is to cause trouble and disturb the tranquillity in the community.

“One of their shenanigans is to file frivolous ex parte motions in court just to disrupt the process and later on abandon it without pursuing it to a logical conclusion. One of these cases is HOK/34/2016 which was before Hon.Justice Ikujuni and was struck out on the 16th day of March, 2023 by Hon. Justice T.M Adedipe for lack of diligent prosecution.

“It is instructive that these detractors had had the opportunity of presenting their request to the several Chieftaincy Commissions set up for this and all other purposes but they refused and failed to take  their opportunities. Their current attempt to truncate the process is the relisting of the suit on 20th day of April, 2023 .

“For the umpteenth time, we reiterate that these group of people have no stake in the Orungberuwa Chieftaincy hence their attempt to truncate the selection process.

“It is instructive that Obas in Yorubaland and Ode-Erinje in particular are chosen from members of the Ruling Houses. Also it should be noted that the authors of petition are not members of any recognized Ruling House in Ode-Erinje but rather they are agitators hoping to metamorphose into Ruling Houses in Ode-Erinje.

“It is pertinent to say here that there is nothing wrong for any person or group of person to struggle towards the attainment of the nobility status. It must however be done with the decency and the decorum that it requires. A situation where agitators believe they can manouver their way to the Orungberuwa throne is unacceptable, intolerable and inglorious.

“Hon. Igbekele Akinrinwa is the substantive Chairman of Okitipupa Local Government who is saddled with the responsibility of directing the selection process of new Obas in the Local Government. It is therefore an aberration for a group of persons to harass the Local Government Chairman while performing his lawful duties.

“The letter written by these anti-people against Hon. Igbekele Akinrinwa is meant to cause disaffection in the community. These set of people has no entitlement to the throne. They have no family house in Ode- Erinje.
They are conquered subjects of our forefathers who now want to taint our magnanimity and nobility. We all know our history.

“Instead of embarking on violent means to achieve their ambitions we believe that diplomacy will go a long way towards achieving this. We believe that these group of persons will go to any length in their attempt to truncate the process of selecting the new Orungberuwa.

“It is therefore necessary to acquaint the public on the clandestine moves by these group of people to destabilize the community in the name of fighting for inclusion in the number of ruling houses.

“The Orungberuwa throne is not for charlatans . It is naturally for sons from the Ode-Erinje Ruling Houses.

“Our take is if cases are in court and orders given restraining parties, will it be worthwhile for any person or group of persons to choose the route of chaos by inciting the public against the decision of the government? We abhor all forms of criminality.

“The Local Government is desirous of completing the process that will give the people of Ode -Erinje an Oba of their own.

“Since the demise of Oba S.O Akinlalu the people have been looking forward to an Oba they can call their own. Now that the government is pursuing the process, it will be foolish for some people to believe that they can put a cog in the wheel of progress of selecting the new Orungberuwa.

“The government is willing to let our people have their own Oba hence the decision taken by the government.

“As concerned indigenous members of Ode-Erinje, we will not accept nor tolerate any person or group of persons who are bent at inciting the people against the noble pathway the government has taken to choose an Oba for Ode -Erinje.

“It is therefore on this note that we call on the government to call Mr. Bright Ebunola Akinyemi and his cohorts to order on the need for them to desist from actions that will cause crisis in the community and that they be held responsible if there is breakdown of law and order in the community.

“Our position is that they should pursue their ambitions through the lawful channels outlined by the government for such ambitions.”

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