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To many people, the Major achievement of former governor of Ondo state, Dr Olusegun Mimiko led administration was in the health sector. Perhaps being a medical doctor was his inspiration for such success.

However, his achievements have become a history following the inability of his successor, late Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu to pay needed attention to the sector that is considered as very, if not most, important to creation of wealth.

For those who witnessed his eight years as a governor, Mimiko also had a very great achievement in the area of physical planning and Urban renewal, especially in the state capital, a city classified as a Millennium Development City by the United Nations in 2006, as part of its commitment to the eight development goals which UN member states agreed to achieve by 2015.

But just a year, 2016, after a new government emerged, things began to collapse, as government showed no serious concern about those things that turned the story of Akure around.

Though Mimiko received criticism from the opposition political parties, the state capital changed and became tourist centres for many people. Mimiko ensured that the state capital became one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.

He demolished unapproved structures in the state capital, implemented the road setbacks as traders were directed to leave the pedestrian lanes which became their space of selling goods and delivering services.

Mimiko also relocated motor dealers and built an ultra modern Automart for them along Owo- Ilesa road.

Similarly, the completion of International culture and event center also known as the Dome has been in use till the time of this editorial.

Modern approach was applied to Traffic in Akure with the installation of Traffic lights to strategic locations such as the cathedral, NEPA roundabout, Old Garage and A-division area.

Apart from that, special lane was created for taxi drivers along Oja Oba for them not to obstruct other road users while carrying their passengers.

The pedestrian lanes were open with beautifully painted iron railings with construction of bus stops ( though many were of the opinion that the state capital was not ripe for such facilities.)

Traders that had hitherto taken over the major streets were asked to leave while the government built neighborhood markets for them.

Waste management was topnotch under Mimiko’s administration as cases of waste littering major streets were not rampant during his time as the governor.

Installation of street lights, planting of flowers on road median and demolition of structures under power line along Agagu road were also parts of his Physical planning and Urban renewal programme.

However, Akure has been taken backward and could no longer boast of those things that stood it out from others.

Traffic is gradually collapsing in the state capital as traffic lights installed during Mimiko’s administration had stopped working for over 7 years without government’s attention to repair or replace them.

Taxi Drivers no longer follow the special lane created for them along Oja Oba area to ease of traffic. While major roadmaps along Oba Adesida road to Alagbaka have faded off.

To worsen the situation, tricycles have stormed major roads dragging the space with other road users.

The current situation now is that Okada riders, Tricyclists , have joined other vehicles and heavy-duty trucks plying the Oba Adesida road, making traffic even worse.

The road setbacks created by state government is no longer enforced. In fact, Many major Junctions such as Leo Junction, Ajipowo, Junctions, Cathedral area, Adegbola Junctions to mention few, in the state capital have become mini markets with traders taking over the pedestrian lanes without being checked.

The neighborhood markets built by the state government have all become shadows of themselves, despite huge revenue generated by the state government from traders in those markets.

Aiyedatiwa should revisit urban renewal programmes of his predecessor. He should also consult professionals and work out ways of returning Akure back to its glorious days and being the face of Ondo state, knowing the fact that the population has increased over the years.

The governor can not watch Akure to degrade further as poor sanitation, narrow roads, clumsy traffic situation, chaotic vehicular and traffic movements along some spots and uncultured parking habits which causes visual intrusion in most parts of state capital were problems tackled by Mimiko with all seriousness.

Aiyedatiwa should know that street trading, shops overlay, display of make shifts kiosks and wears along major streets are challenges that must be tackled head long.

Election or no election, Aiyedatiwa must deliberately come up with policies and programmes that would write his name in gold and on the hearts of the people positively.

The issues addressed by Mimiko have all resurfaced even worse, hence the need for Aiyedatiwa to correct some that are correctable and work on those that would even add more value to the people of Ondo state.

It is no longer news that Aiyedatiwa is contesting to rule the state for another four years. He should not allow politics to becloud good governance and good leadership.

He should not forget that his former boss, Akeredolu who, despite seeking re-election in 2020, challenged the presidency on insecurity and still won the election which brought him in as the deputy governor, because Akeredolu believed in speaking the truth at all times.

Aiyedatiwa should not forget that the next 12 months is still part of the administration started by his former boss, Akeredolu, in 2016, thus being referred to as Akeredolu/ Aiyedatiwa administration.

Now that he has been given the mandate, it is expected that he would address some negative traits that taint the current administration in the last seven years. Aiyedatiwa has no time to waste.

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