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You are not Performing, Youths allege Ondo Senator

by Roving



Dear Senator,

It is pathetic and annoying to the Youths and people of Ondo North Senatorial district entrusting you with their mandate which you’ve been eyeing for a decade plus now and was later bestowed on you on a platter of gold but you later turn out to neglect them. You are aware of the open wound of Ondo North Youths, but instead of you administering relief peels, rather you intensify the pain. If caution is not taken by Ondo North youths to stop the inflicting pains that is radiating furiously, it may cause great damage to our future.

The profound leadership issue from your end becomes increasingly dangerous politics of neglect, spawns gloomy prognostication about our collective future as youths of Ondo North Senatorial district. We don’t see your office as patronage-disbursing machine but all we expect is bold visionary measures capable of addressing this present alarming issue. Enough of this generational neglect, all reports about you are so infuriating  and this deepen the gulf between our humility and you.

Dear leader, it may interest you to know that we’re pushed to the wall. Our parents, friends are families whom life has favoured sees us as unproductive, rascal, lazy youths, ragamuffins and beggars. We must confess, this is an irredeemable embarrassment to your prides as a senator representing us who we’ve support massively to emerge.

Your attitude and approach are disturbingly predictable, so shocking, unimaginable and very much characteristics of your predecessors in those dark days who watched helplessly as cherished values of leadership standard run utterly to seed and the whole system took its quantum leap into mediocrity and darkness.

There is growing apprehension among the youths, fidgeting if their future is safe under your leadership. Your actions are too ridiculous and this is deadly to the mandate you are holding.

Distinguish senator, you are almost a year in office with juicy portfolio, many citizenry goodies has been rollout through your good office to Ondo North Senatorial district which you are representing, we will like to ask few questions about them as the youths of your district. Few of this questions are:

  1. How do you shared the Fertilizers met for Ondo North Farmers?
  2. We need details of how Trailers of palliatives were shared.
  3. It is mandatory we know how slots of SLAs to senate president giving to Ondo North were shared.
  4. We also believe you still have the records of people who enjoy the Palliatives from Nigeria National Emergency management Agency(NEMA).
  5. There is need for us to know how our Constituency allowance are been managed.
  6. It is important we know how you shared the Amnesty programme slots.
  7. It also very germain we know how you use the Niger Delta States Oversight funds.

Note that all Ondo North Youths have correct information of the listed points and we are very much ready to hear from you how it was manage sir.

Dear leader, despite your vax knowledge of entrepreneurship, director of many business which you are, couple with your juice office, we expect you to perform more brilliantly than this. Part of our reasons for electing you as our senator is because you we think you’re financially loaded, think you won’t hoard our rights, but the reverse is the case.

Despite all these allegations, we are not imputing that you are guilty, we are only calling on you to defend yourself before the court of public opinion. Whilst the final verdict will be passed by the people who voted you. Because as socrates once opined, “Philosophers and wise men who remain aloof in politics should blame themselves when fools, charlatans and Unmerited beings rule over them.”

We won’t like to exhaust more strengths on this as we await to read response from you concerning our quest. If we wait for a week and we didn’t see any response to all our questions, we will be forced to take another steps to request for our RIGHTS.

Finally leader, let not allow our dear Senatorial District to become an asylum for moral cripples, treacherous thugs, degenerate fools, fly-blown sycophants and nitwits of different shades. Build the youths and let the youths build a peaceful nation and senatorial district.



Comrade Adojutelegan Mayowa(Dark Mayor).

Akoko North West Local Government

Hon. Bakare Ibrahim Makonjuola(Abobo).
Akoko North West Local Government.

Comrade Ayejuyo Temitayo(Moyen).
Akoko North West Local Government

Hon. Sulaiman Olamilekan(ST).
Akoko North East Local Government

Mr. Akintomide Tosin
Akoko South East Local Government

Lady Comrade Usman Ganiyat.
Akoko South West Local Government

Comrade Bright Eniafe.
Ose Local Government

Hon. Ajibade Shina.
Owo Local Government.

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