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Ondo Govt declares 267 Teachers Redundant in Akure

by Roving

••• Why It is challenging to redeploy them

The Ondo State government on Tuesday declared that Akure, the state capital is overpopulated with teachers with total number of 267 excess and redundant teachers.

The state government however stated that it is finding it difficult to redeploy the excess teachers to other local government areas.

The Chairman of Ondo State Basic Education Board, ODSUBEB, Victor Olabimtan disclosed this while addressing some stakeholders in the sector at a Forum in Akure.

Olabimtan lamented that , “Akure schools are over populated with Teachers. Most of our urban centers are over populated with Teachers but our rural areas don’t have teachers.

“We have 267 excess teachers in Akure South Local Government alone, should we add to it ? No. We can’t continue to add to it. This thing must stop at a time.

“We did Recruitment in 2021. Out of 1,200 teachers recruited, over 700 of them are in Akure. As we speak, they are in Akure.

“What we are planning to do about the excess teachers in Akure is to redeploy them. But it has been a little bit difficult deploying them because some of them are already well settled in Akure.

“You see, if you dislodge them in this era of economic ressession, you might create more problems than you can solve. The best we can do is to allow them stay but we would not bring in More.”

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