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Ipinsagba meets Ondo North Youth Leaders, rolls out Empowerment Programmes

by Roving


Always bear in mind that the people are not fighting for ideas, for the things in anyone’s head. They are fighting to win material benefits, to live better and in peace, to see their lives go forward, to guarantee the future of their children


To the people of Ondo North, and particularly Youths, we had assured you of our commitment to an excellent feedback mechanism. And the unique quest to ensure transformational leadership. We applied for this job, you offered it to us. We believe in effective and deliberate efforts for performative social engineering.

We began our trip to the Federal Capital Territory at the instance and invitation of our leader and distinguished senator of the Federal Republic; Sen. Jide Ipinsagba.

Our presence was well received, and Senator in his role has a leader of all, emphasized the need for Jaw-Jaw as part of the 21st century mechanism to deliver the dividends of democracy.

As earlier promised by Ondo North Youth Alliance that no one will be left behind in the proactive agitation channeled at our distinguished Senator Jide Ipinsagba.

It is imperative to give the feedback on the success story of our dialogue and the best representation we offered on your behalf.

We know of your expectancy and your belief in us to drive this formidable change, we are therefore not oblivious of the mantle and responsibility given to us. Many have been expecting, this feedback. Your calmness has been because you can voche for us. We sought to provide a larger coverage via, press conference at the NUJ secretariat. Fortunately, as nothing is unfortunate with us, the NLC strike, bolted. This therefore impaired plans and subsequently, we present these unambiguous, concise, and brief reports for publication thereafter._


It is important to state that yours sincerely, following the earlier resolutions to have two representatives from each LGA, was followed strictly. Our appointment with Senator Jide Ipinsagba, as scheduled for last week, had two persons per local government selected across the six local governments of  Ondo North.


The meeting was conducted in a conducive atmosphere, wherein the distinguished senator offered us the opportunity to express freely our views. We had a long interactive session that led to a productive outcome for the youths of Ondo North, represented by the  Ondo North Youth Alliance.


Senator Jide Ipinsagba appreciated the energetic display, laced in a long rope of intellectual efficiency. Avowed by such dexterity of the youths delegation, he dropped the perception of persecution to mirror it from  the stance of a gap in communication. Remarkably, the senator pointed out to some, youthful exuberance, especially in the quest to war-war before jaw-jaw. Overwhelmed, the senator appreciated the beauty of the delegation. Laying to bear the enormous projects ongoing within the senatorial district and more which is in the pipeline. It is not limited to youths development alone but to put the senatorial district in spotlight. Our delegation, staying to course, intellectually, demanded that focal point must be on the youth population which our distinguished senator affirmed his commitments to. To further buttress his unalloyed, commitment to the youths, he commissioned the delegation as his voice of change and youthful engagement.

The distinguished Senator recalled with glamour, the prominet roles by youths towards achieving his mandates and therefore do not take for granted his constituency of enormous support.


Comrade Obanoyen Abiola(Adidas) spoke on youths inclusiveness in Senator Ipinsagba representation. He said the problems of youths can’t be eradicated without bringing the youths on board. He proceeded by making it clear to our distinguished senator that this group of intellectual youths believe in his ability to offer more deliverables as we continue to provide the requisite support to have the senator produce the highest performance in record short time. Noting, that the operational budgets being in place, computed by Senator Ajayi Boroffice, be justified.

The distinguished senator in response pointed out the need to ensure no project is abandoned. Emphasizing his eternal principles of avoiding project decay as a result of abandonment. The reponse of the senator elicited applaud from the delegation. In the view of the delegation this will enhance projected development and avoid uncompleted projects from littering Ondo North Senatorial district.

Shortly after, Comrade Adidas rounded off, the president of the youth alliance, Comrade Eniafe Bright, complimented Adidas by detailing varieties of means through which the senator can bring about the transformational change. Emphasing the need for deliberate investment into the youths agenda for change and good governance.  Furthermore, a need for, training, re-training and grouping to monitor the progress of youths within the Senatorial district. Speaking further, he emphasized on some entrepreneurship programmes which the Senator can roll out for youths of his Senatorial district. This includes but not limited to the areas of agriculture, tech investment, skills acquisition, loans and grants for young entrepreneurs. Taking the opportunity to appreciate the senator for the ongoing students’ bursary and scholarship. The alliance emphasized the need to extend the project and ensure it reaches the indigent students especially at this period of economic comatose.

Thereafter, the president appealed to Senator Jide Ipinsagba to pally with youths and see all these agitations as a means to charge him for better performance.


The Senator in his response started by appreciating Ondo North Youths for the visit.

He said his thought that we were attention seekers when he saw the letter written to him and the recall content therein, has been put to rest. Forgiving the excesses in it has he was not duly communicate.

The senator emphasized however that he is proud of the youths of his Senatorial district following the brilliant summation and superiority of arguments. Impressed with the delivery, agility, passion and love we have for our various local governments, the senator declared us AMBASSADORS OF IPINSAGBA YOUTHS.

He summarily stated that some of our demands are in the pipeline and those not yet covered are duly noted for actionable action. The suggestions and critical focal points raised are considerable way forward fot social engineering and development that will enhance our Senatorial district.


Bellow are some of the distinguished Senator’s approved youths programmes after the meeting, some of which were already in the pipeline:

  1. ICT Skill training and empowerment for female youths(According to the Senator, all trainees will go home with a laptop and reasonable sum after the 5 days training to help them start a better life.)_ The delegation was able to secure 6 slots for members.*
  2. Scholarships for the undergraduates across Ondo North.
  3. Entrepreneurship development programme for youths.
  4. The Senator agreed to partner with youths of Ondo North and also include them in all his future programmes.
  5. Job opportunities for youths from Ondo North Senatorial districts.
  6. Time to time engagement with the youths
  7. Investment in agriculture and food security
  8. Attracting investment to the Senatorial districts.
  9. Ensure completion of existing projects
  10. Electrification of the six local governments including the rural arrears. (Transformer feasibility studies and assessment done)
  11. Installation of Solar panel Street lights in the Six local governments of Ondo North (With renewable energies)
  12. Investment/support and loans for youths to enhance productivity and efficiency.

It is worthy of note that the distinguished senator had completed some kilometers of roads, in Oka, Akoko , the building and equipping of ultramodern health care facility from scratch to completion in record time in Akunu, Akoko.  Building of ultramodern Market in Oka, Akoko among others which are laudable projects. We will be making official visitations to many of the projects during the week.

We continue to assure our youths from Ondo North Senatorial districts of unprecedented development. Noting that the foundation to the Ondo North of our dreams has being laid. We equally use this medium to prepare the minds of the youths to the forthcoming Senatorial district Town Hall meeting/commemoration of senator Jide Ipinsagba One year in office. Above are the brief presentation of our journey so far and the productive resolution with Senator Jide Ipinsagba.

Following the commitment of Senator Jide Ipinsagba, in the Abuja accord the youth will join forces with distinguish Senator Jide Ipinsagba to achieve all these listed empowerment programmes for the benefits of our immediate constituency. As we look forward to more productive engagement.

We appreciate the Senator in anticipation of the already delivered services and the more deliverables on the way for the good people of Ondo North.


Comrade Adojutelegan Mayowa(Dark Mayor).
Akoko North West Local Government

Hon. Bakare Ibrahim Makonjuola(Abobo).
Akoko North West Local Government.

Comrade Ayejuyo Temitayo(Moyen).
Akoko North West Local Government

Comrade Omolodun Ogunjobi.
Akoko North East Local Government

Comr. Olabisi Festus
Akoko North East Local Government

Comrade Alabi Titilayo Blessing .
Akoko South East Local Government

Comr. Ajigboni Kayode (Kaycee)
Akoko South East Local Government

Barr. Alli Oluwasanmi.
Akoko South West Local Government

Comrade Bright Eniafe.
Ose Local Government

Comrade Obanoyen Abiola(Adidas)
Olabode Feyijimi Michael.
Owo Local Government.

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